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College Freshmen - What You'll Need on Your First Day of Classes

When you're preparing for your first day of college classes, one of the most important jobs is packing your book bag. Because you've never taken a college course before, you might not know what you'll need on your first day. Pack too much and you'll have to lug a super-heavy bag all over the campus. Pack too little and you'll be scrambling to borrow a needed item from somebody who sits next to you.

Here are the things that you'll need for your first day of classes Right now you don't know what else you'll need for the rest of the semester: the profs will tell you in class, though, and pass out a syllabus for each class. In the meantime, don't forget these things.

• Your class schedule. Most students need a few days - if not longer - to remember exactly where they need to be throughout the day. Keep the schedule in your pocket or an exterior pouch on your book bag so that you can easily reach it.

• Depending on your climate and the season, you might want to bring along a light sweatshirt or sweater. Some classrooms are pretty cold, even during hot months. You can't concentrate on what your profs are saying if your teeth are chattering.

Most professors don't expect you to have your textbooks on the first day of classes, so you can usually leave these at home. But you should, on the first day of class, make sure that you know which books your professors want you to buy for the semester.

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