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How to Make Friends at Your New College

If you goto a different part of your state or country for college, you probably don't know anybody else who goes to that school. Making new friends can be difficult in this situation for several reasons You're new to the school as well as to the area, so you don't really know much about your surroundings You're also new to being in college, so you're still adjusting to the differences between this and everything else you've experienced so far.

There are several ways to meet people at your new college. They're all easy to do, especially if you're an outgoing type of person. None of these things will cost you much money, which is always good for students to hear.

• Start a conversation with your roommate. Some roomies do not get along well, but many do. This person could be a very close friend of yours in the future. That won't happen, though, unless you start a conversation.

• Spend time in the common areas of your school. The food court, the entertainment area of your dorm and the library are all good places to find other students. You might find a group who wants to chat with you.

* If you're athletic, hit the gym or sign up for an intramural sport. Working out with other people, or being on a team with them, is a build-in friendship-making opportunity. You'll seethe same people at least once a week, if not more often. The repeated contact makes it easy for you all to make friends with each other.

• Pay attention to the school's bulletin board sand other student communication centers. These are the places to go if you want to know about upcoming campus events. Some schools have movie nights, for example. And most colleges have student-run clubs and groups that meet all over the campus. You just might find a group of people who are all interested in one of your favorite things They're usually open to new members, so this is an easy way to find a new group of people.

• Be friendly to your seat mates If you're in the classroom a few minutes early, you'll notice that many students are talking. The people sitting around you might want to talk about the class, the weather, or some other, interesting thing that's happening.

• Join a study group. Ideally, you'll spend most of your meeting time going over assignments But typically, the conversation will wander to other topics-especially when you're all finished with the assigned work.

• Meet new people online. Your school probably has its own MySpace page, for example. That's a good way to meet other people who are in the area. This is an easy way for both outgoing and shy people to initiate contact with new friends

Making yourself available is the key to meeting new people at your college. You can't really make friends if you stay in your room when you aren't in classes. Devoting time to studying is great, but you do need to set aside some time to make new friends Go out and do the things that you're interested in doing. Soon enough, you'll make friends with other students and, perhaps, keep those friendships even after you finish school.

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