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How the Modern World Is Changing the Face of High School Events

The prom has long been a rite of passage for teenagers - an unofficial entry into the exciting and sometimes frightening world of adulthood. And while not as formal, other high school events, like dances, pep rallies and assemblies, are also a big part of the transition from mere childhood to something more substantial. For many years these time tested events have gone on as they always have, but the modern era is changing many of these cherished high school events. The generation that grew up on the internet and social networking is no longer content to attend their parents' proms, graduation ceremonies and high school dances The current generation is demanding something more -more memories, more drama and more style.

Today's teens no longer have to rely on fuzzy memories and faded photographs in the high school yearbook to keep their prom memories alive. Chances are the first dance will have barely ended before the whole thing is up on Youtube for all to see. And of course Myspace and Facebook pages will be updated with all those digital snapshots, probably before the last dance has ended.

Just consider that the teenagers who are busily making the preparations for their high school proms probably cannot remember a time when the internet did not exist. Emailing, instant messaging and text messaging are as natural to them as phone calls were to their parents and grandparents Living a media rich life is not just an option for today's teenagers — it is truly a way of life. Given this kind of background it is no wonder high school dances, proms and other events are getting a 21st century makeover as well.

Parents of a certain age could be forgiven for missing out on this trend. But their kids certainly know what is going on, and they have been busy preparing for the high school events of the new millennium. These days high school dances, proms, graduation ceremonies and other special events are bigger, bolder and more elaborate. Gone are the days of the hastily prepared high school gymnasium. Today's proms are likely to involve elaborate sets, high end designers and other elaborate touches. And the transformation doesn't end there - events from homecoming to graduation to monthly high school dances are getting a big time makeover as well.

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