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How to Make Friends at Your New College

If you goto a different part of your state or country for college, you probably don't know anybody else who goes to that school. Making new friends can be difficult in this situation for several reasons You're new to the school as well as to the area, so you don't really know much about your surroundings You're also new to being in college, so you're still adjusting to the differences between this and everything else you've experienced so far.

How the Modern World Is Changing the Face of High School Events

The prom has long been a rite of passage for teenagers - an unofficial entry into the exciting and sometimes frightening world of adulthood. And while not as formal, other high school events, like dances, pep rallies and assemblies, are also a big part of the transition from mere childhood to something more substantial. For many years these time tested events have gone on as they always have, but the modern era is changing many of these cherished high school events.

Contemplating College: Consider This Radical Alternative

If you are nearing the end of your high school career, you are probably already thinking about the next phase in your education. But while it is true that a college degree can open a lot of doors and help you land a great job, the traditional way of getting that degree leaves a lot to be desired. With college costs rising far faster than inflation, today's graduates are leaving school with a staggering debt load, and that debt can set their financial lives back many years.

College Freshmen - What You'll Need on Your First Day of Classes

When you're preparing for your first day of college classes, one of the most important jobs is packing your book bag. Because you've never taken a college course before, you might not know what you'll need on your first day. Pack too much and you'll have to lug a super-heavy bag all over the campus. Pack too little and you'll be scrambling to borrow a needed item from somebody who sits next to you.

College Applications and Tips for Writing Essays

Many colleges and universities give you the option of including an essay with your application packet. This writing sample helps the admissions personnel decide if you are a good match for that school. The essay also helps you express or explain things that might not be included on your application. This is your chance to tell the school about personal challenges you've faced; goals you've set for yourself and what you hope to gain by attending that school.

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