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Pros and Cons of Accelerated Classes

An average fall, college semester lasts about five months, beginning in August and ending in December. Classes are taken throughout the day which doesn’t leave much time for other activities, such as a career or family. More and more students are beginning to stray from the traditional college life and receive their degrees by way of accelerated classes. However, accelerated classes may sound like the way to go, but think wisely and consider both the pros and cons before choosing your own path.

Obviously, accelerated classes will cut back on time spent in the classroom. Any traditional college student will tell you that they have seen their fair share of busy work. Accelerated classes also cater to a more adult lifestyle, leaving additional time to focus on a full-time job and family. Accelerated classes can provide you with the same skills as traditional classes but are taken at your convenience.

Now, before enrolling in accelerated classes, consider what you may lose. You may not receive important intangible things such as relationships and social skills that traditional college classes can provide. Learning faster requires little time for socializing, and shorter classes do not allow much time for friendships to form. Also, shortening a class does not mean the course material suddenly shrinks. Your professor will expect you to work just as hard, if not harder, to cram months of information into a few weeks. Depending on your school, an accelerated class can be more expensive than a conventional class.

After weighing your options, it is now time for you to decide what is best. Either way, each path can lead you to success.

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