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Car Problems in College

Is Your Car Trying to Tell You Something?

If you’re heading off to college with a car, the two of you may be getting to know each other a little better over the next year! If you are going to school away from home, Mom and Dad won’t be around to remind you to get an oil change or negotiate with the mechanic anymore.

If you hear or feel anything strange or different in the way your vehicle is running, it may be a good idea to refer to this list before you send your vehicle into the shop. If you have a better idea of what the symptoms might indicate, you run less risk of getting taken advantage of financially by a body shop.

1. What you hear or feel
Under-hood squeaking

What it might mean
Loose, glazed or cracked belts

2. What you hear or feel
Clunking on acceleration or deceleration

What it might mean
Worn joints in the drive or axle shaft

3. What you hear or feel
Underbody roar

What it might mean
Holes in the muffler or exhaust pipe joints

4. What you hear or feel
Whining brakes

What it might mean
Worn brake shoes

5. What you hear or feel
Engine rattling

What it might mean
Could signal ignition or exhaust problems

6. What you hear or feel
Vibrating floors or seats

What it might mean
Transmission problems

7. What you hear or feel
Underbody whine

What it might mean
Rear axle or front drive problems

Unless, of course, you are experiencing a vehicle emergency, it’s never a bad idea to get a couple opinions from various body shops around town to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your college budget.

In addition to paying attention to how your car is running, remember to schedule timely oil changes and tune-ups. Regular maintenance can improve the life and performance of your vehicle, and can prevent safety issues in the future.

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