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10 Things I Learned My College Freshman Year

Random Advice from College Freshmen of 2008

It’s true – you can learn a lot about the things that books and instructors won’t tell you while adjusting to school life. Understandably, some of these tips are quite specific. Hey, we don’t turn down free advice!

1. "When the Parking Division gives you a ticket, it isn’t personal." – Amy Fox, University of Missouri at Kansas City, UMKC

2. "Expect to have some let-downs. Odds are you will fail at least one course. Don’t let it ruin your Christmas break, you really will do better next time." – Jennifer Hudson, University of Indiana

3. "You will change your major." – Denise Shipper, Loyola University

4. "College isn’t all about parties with lots of people, loud music and kegs. Sometimes it’s fun to get drunk in your dorm and play GTA : San Andreas. Oh, and homework …" - Ed Galloway, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

5. "Don’t live in a dry building. It’s too much like a nursery. When they say “substance free” only means no alcohol and no drugs they’re lying. It also means no loud music, no coming out of your room after “lights out” and a CA who will knock on your door and threaten to write you up if you don’t come out and tell him why your door is closed instead of propped open as per floor policy." – John Bloom, University of Iowa

6. "Whatever you do, don’t bring a (real or fake) gun into the dorm. You will either be the kid who got kicked out of the dorm and threatened with arrest for shooting someone with an Air Soft pistol, or you will be the creepy guy who has a 12 gauge under his bed. Either way, not a good way to make friends." – Matthew Miller, Brooks College

7. "Do not drink in the dorm lounge/common space. I know it seems cool to socialize with your neighbors by eating junk and drinking beer while you watch a Sunday afternoon football game in the den, but if the overbearing CA with a sense of duty walks in it really won’t be so cool anymore." – John Evan Lindsay, University of Central Florida

8. "You don’t have to walk drunk all the way to Domino’s when you get the booze munchies around midnight on the coldest night of the year. There is Order online and pay with a credit card. Or use the phone …" - Josh Hartford, The College of William and Mary

9. "Lock your door when you leave the room. Even if you are just going to the bathroom down the hall. If you don’t, someone might come into your room and expose himself to your digital camera while your girlfriend takes a nap on the couch. Creepy. Just lock it." –Peter King, North Carolina Wesleyan College

10. "Freshman year is the last time in your life when you will get to be lazy. At the end of your freshman year, get a job. Don’t worry. You will feel better when you do." – Ashley Chase, Miami University

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