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What to Look for in a College

Now that you have decided that college is a feasible option, how do you choose a school? Here are a few categories that have helped prospective students in the past.

First, consider location. Chances are you have probably been pretty close to home for the past few decades. It is time for you to open your world and let Google in. Search for schools either at your current location or where you hope to find yourself in the near future. You may want to stay close, which will probably make your decision very easy.

If you are determined to leave your hometown, you will certainly have more options. Be sure to think about out-of-state tuition and on-campus housing if you decide to spread your wings.

Hopefully, you have chosen a major. If not, think about your interests and go from there. This will be a big factor in determining your school, especially if you are interested in a career college that only offers education in a specific area.

As you find yourself narrowing down your options by location and major, consider the size of the school. Bigger campuses and more students mean larger classes. Larger classes will not provide as much individual attention as smaller ones.

Finally, consider the campus environment. Sports, fraternities, sororities, theatre, clubs and other extracurricular opportunities are vital for a well-rounded college experience. Find out what kinds of activities the school offers. This will also help you determine diversity, or lack thereof, in the school.

Hopefully by now, you have a few colleges in mind. You are now ready to schedule college visits. Visiting your choice colleges will provide you with the most information in determining your next move, the application process.

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