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Facts About Military Schools

Many people who choose to join a branch of the Armed Forces discover abilities and talents they never knew they had – all while earning a competitive paycheck and superb benefits. However, military careers are not for everyone. You should learn as much as you can about opportunities in the military before making the commitment. Take these factors into consideration:

Career Opportunities. Careers in the Armed Forces offer rewards and opportunities far beyond many civilian jobs. These careers allow you to grow mentally and physically while preparing you to rise to any challenge. Nearly any career offered in the civilian world is offered in the military.

Competitive Salaries. Military careers offer pay that is commensurate with rank, service time and yearly cost-of-living increases. The military offers salaries competitive with the civilian world, but these careers offer substantial benefits that you won’t find elsewhere.

Excellent Benefits. Military careers offer competitive benefits and insurance rates. You'll receive comprehensive medical and dental care. Also, in addition to your basic military pay, you are eligible for tax-free housing and food allowances.

Invest in Your Future. Your time in the Armed Forces counts toward military retirement benefits, allowing the opportunity for a secure financial future for years to come. After completing around 20 years of service, you could be eligible for retirement! That is one of the earliest retirements around!

Continuous Learning. The Armed Forces recognize the value of education and provide tuition assistance and training worth thousands of dollars. Many officers and enlisted service people enter the private sector after their military careers as highly experienced and sought-after candidates.

Serve Your Country. Enlisting or becoming an officer in the U.S. Military is an opportunity to help your community, your state and even your country. In times of disaster or civil disturbance, branches of the Armed Forces stand ready. When international conflict arises, you could have the opportunity to represent our nation.

Expand Your Horizons. Military bases are located all over the world. The military offers you the opportunity to expand both your horizons and skills.

Quality of Life. Many military careers offer 30 days of paid vacation each year, as well as plenty of social and recreational activities!

For almost every job in the civilian sector there is a military equivalent, so no matter what your interest, don’t wait to take advantage of specialized training in the military!

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