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Using Technology in the College Classroom

Staying Current With Advances in Technology
A friend recently told me that human beings are in the process of evolving larger opposable thumbs. Why? Because of the oodles of hours today’s children spend playing video games and texting their friends.

Now, I’m not entirely sure where my friend heard that people will develop thumb-heavy hands in the future, and she’s certainly not a scientist, so don’t quote me on this tidbit. But, when you think about it, even if technology isn’t changing our physical landscape it is certainly changing the way we think about things, how we communicate and how we learn.

In a sense, America’s youth has been born with a virtual spoon in its mouth. They have an intimate relationship with technology that those of us who can remember when the internet (or, heck, television for that matter) was invented will never have.

What does that mean for us? For adults who are thinking of returning to school? Well, for one, it means that there has never been a better, or more important, time to continue your education.

Today, you can stay up-to-date on new innovations in technology by enrolling in most programs – even if they aren’t tech-related. Instructors are increasingly using the internet to enhance the learning experience. And, you can learn the ins-and-outs of research via the web as you gather information for papers, presentations and examinations.

Adults who return to school and gain tech-savvy skills are able to stay competitive in today’s job market. And, technology is even making it more possible for busy, working adults to pursue higher education through virtue of online classrooms.

So, if you’re an adult who is thinking about returning to school, go for it! Sure, tomorrow’s youth might have thumbs large enough to clobber a piñata, but you can get the technological skills you need to succeed by keeping your skills current.

Why not hitch a ride on the technology train by enrolling in higher education? In my opinion, your thumb is just right.

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