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Automotive Schools and Mechanic Schools

Did you know that there are more than 243,023,485 registered passenger vehicles in the U.S., according to the Department of Transportation? Or that on average, more than six million car accidents take place on our roads every year?

Cars are an integral part of American life – the number of vehicles even outnumbers licensed drivers! Unfortunately, car accidents have become a very common sight as well. With more drivers on the road, the number of car accidents has increased, which has spurred growth in another area – the automotive and diesel industry.

With the proper training, you could help bring damaged vehicles back to their original condition as an automotive service technician, truck mechanic or diesel engine specialist.

There are many other career paths within the automotive and diesel field. Maybe your idea of a great career is having the freedom of the open road. If so, there are many opportunities for professional drivers! Imagine the powerful and liberating feeling of driving a big rig!

With the right career-focused training program, you could hit the open road in just months, or become a mechanic and be ready for success! There is a wide variety of automotive technology schools and diesel technology schools that can prepare you for life as a professional driver or mechanic.

The automotive and diesel industry includes many exciting and rewarding careers that offer a great deal of personal freedom and responsibility!

Career Opportunities
The automotive and diesel industry is growing, and there are more career opportunities than ever before! Body repair work can be challenging and offers a great feeling of accomplishment. From repairing a car after a fender bender to regular oil changes and tire rotations, customers will rely on your skills for their safety. As an automotive maintenance technician, you must develop a solution for every job.

Many people value their cars so much that they will build a relationship with their service technician, similar to the way people build relationships with their doctors for their own health needs. You will be appreciated for your ability to solve vehicle maintenance and repair problems.

Professional drivers also enjoy a great feeling of responsibility and achievement. Many training programs offer you the chance to quickly learn the skills you need to work behind the wheel of a semitruck.

Salary Range
With so many career possibilities in the automotive and diesel field, it is difficult to determine an average salary. However, the median hourly wage of bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists, including incentive pay, was $17.20 in May of 2004, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Automotive Schools and Diesel Mechanic Schools
Jump-start your career in the automotive and diesel industry with a practical training program! Voluntary certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can increase an automotive service technician’s employability.

The job outlook for those with good problem-solving skills and the willingness to seek training is extremely favorable. Employers understand that advances in technology have created numerous automotive systems for technicians to learn about, so you’ll want to find a good training program that teaches you the skills you need.

If a career as a professional driver is up your alley, take advantage of a hands-on training program through a career college or driving school. With so many quick, career-focused training programs, learning the skills you need through a career school is definitely worthwhile.

Now is the time to put your career in gear with automotive and diesel training. Open the window to solid, well-paid careers!

Most Popular Automotive Schools

Arizona Automotive Institute
6829 N 46th Ave
Glendale, AZ

The Ohio State University
1971 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH

Southern Illinois University
5776 Coal Dr
Carterville, IL

Clark College
5411 E Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA