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Casino Schools and Gaming Schools Near You

Casino careers are a flourishing American industry. Casino schools used to be limited to Nevada and New Jersey, but now casino training programs can be found in every state across the nation. There are many types of casino and gaming services careers at different levels of experience. All require a state-specific license, excellent customer service skills, and a high level of personal integrity. While some entry-level casino jobs require only a high school diploma or its equivalent, the job market is best for those with training from casino schools or gaming services programs.

Career Opportunities
Casino jobs are available in multiple areas with room for advancement for the most eager and experienced candidates. Career opportunities include positions as gaming supervisors, slot key persons, gaming and sports book writers and runners, gaming dealers, and casino security. The U.S. Department of Labor cites gaming dealers as the fastest-growing position in the casino jobs market. While some casinos may call for training from different types of casino schools, all require a state-issued gaming license, and most administer a basic math test upon hiring.

Salary Range
Salaries for gaming careers vary according to geographical location, experience and position, but according to the U.S Department of Labor, some median salaries are as follows:

  • Gaming supervisors - $40,840
  • Slot key operators - $20,010
  • Gaming and sports book writers and runners - $18,390
  • Gaming dealers - $14,340

It is important to note that casino workers earn a large part of their wages from “tokes” – tips in the form of game tokens.

Casino Schools and Gaming Services Training Programs
Each casino establishes its own requirements for training, but candidates with degrees or certifications from casino schools often fare best in the job market. Some gaming establishments run their own training programs, and many technical and vocational schools offer casino and gaming programs. Additionally, many secondary education institutions offer programs in hospitality, which encompasses gaming services training.

If you have a desire to enter the exciting, fast-paced world of casino and gaming services, search for a casino school today!

Most Popular Casino and Gaming Schools

Seattle Gaming Academy
115 N. 85th St
Seattle, WA

Crescent School of Gaming
1306 29th Avenue
Gulfport, MS

PCI Dealer School
Inc 790 Coronado Center Drive
Henderson, NV

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