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Types of Careers in the Field of Cosmetology

Aside from choosing a good cosmetology school where you can take up your cosmetology training course or program, it would also be important for you to check out what kinds of careers and professions you can get into once you complete your studies. By researching about this, it would be easier for you to have a better idea of what kind of specialty or course in cosmetology you should take. Here is a list of some of the careers and professions that you can have in the field of cosmetology.

Makeup Artist
Makeup artists are cosmetology specialists who can work with individual clients at a salon or for groups of people at special events. Their job description generally involves applying makeup to clients to make them look good or give them the look that they want to achieve. Some of the areas that makeup artists are usually trained to do include: matching the right makeup colors to skin tones; bringing out facial features through the clever use of makeup; and hiding blemishes and other imperfections. Today, courses in makeup application are one of the most popular among the cosmetology courses so you should be able to find a school and a program which would provide you with the knowledge you need to become a good makeup artist later on.

Hairstylist or Hairdresser
A hairstylist or a hairdresser is an individual who is knowledgeable and trained in cutting, coloring and styling the hair of their clients. To become a hairstylist, you should first take hairstyling and hairdresser training program at a cosmetology school. Some of the courses that you may need to take include: the proper method of cutting, coloring and styling hair; and the latest techniques that are used in hairstyling ad hairdressing.

Nail Technician
Nowadays, nail technicians are no longer just individuals who are only trained in doing manicures and pedicures for their clients; as cosmetology courses such as nail technician courses already cover topics about how to do nail art and how to do various types of nail and hand treatments.

Electrologists are individuals who are specifically trained in electrolysis or the permanent removal of facial ad body hair. This is another popular profession in the field of beauty and personal care services because a lot of people nowadays are choosing to have their unwanted hair removed permanently instead of having to shave or wax periodically. Through electrolysis, facial or body hair is removed with the use of a metal probe that is inserted into and electrifies the hair follicles. This, in turn, causes the hair follicles to die which means that the hair would not grow back. If you want to become an electrologist, note that you would need to take a training program which teaches the process of electrolysis as well as get additional certification upon completing your studies.

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