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Engineering Schools Near You

Do you like doing puzzles and other problem-solving activities? If so, consider a career in engineering, where you can put the fundamentals of problem solving toward real-world applications. Engineers create and evaluate designs and drafts to simulate and test how a machine, structure or system will operate.

By applying the principles of science and mathematics to technical problems, engineers develop sound, economical solutions. Put your knowledge of math and science to use in a rewarding new career by searching for an engineering school today.

Career Opportunities
At the beginning of their educations, engineering students choose a field of specialization that will direct their career path. These specializations include such fields as architectural, biomedical, civil, chemical, industrial and mechanical engineering.

Additionally, engineering requires many related support careers.
An engineering technician offers support as the graduate of a specialized four-year degree or a two-year Associate degree. Engineering technicians also specialize in a specific discipline, which usually focuses on more practical design and production. While graduates may be employed in similar entry-level positions to traditional engineers, they are not eligible to register as professional engineers.

Other related careers include computer-aided drafting (CAD) technicians who work with the engineers to draw out the designs and blueprints, and surveyors who establish and confirm legal boundaries.

Salary Range
Because professional, specialized engineers have to go through such an extensive education, the field produces some of the highest starting salaries overall. According to the United States Department of Labor, specialized engineers holding a Bachelor’s degree averaged starting salaries of $50,501. Including all subsets of engineering and engineering support, median salaries range from $23,080 to $64,070.

Engineering Schools and Training Programs
For those who want to specialize as a professional engineer, many traditional universities offer four- or five-year Bachelor’s degree programs. Additionally, many technical institutes, community colleges, career colleges and online training programs offer two- or four-year degrees in engineering technology.

Beyond preliminary requirements, some positions call for employees to obtain different types of pertinent certification. Even when not required, certain certifications can be beneficial when navigating the world of engineering. Many specialized engineers also earn graduate degrees to stay on top of their fields by broadening their education and learning new technology. Start your new career by searching for an engineering school.

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Most Popular Engineering Schools

Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ

Oklahoma State University
219 Student Union
Sillwater, OK

Purdue University Hall of Engineering
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN

University of Illinois at Chicago
601 S Morgan St
Chicago, IL

Cornell University
300 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY

Georgia Institute of Technology
225 North Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA

Drexel University
300 Day Hall
Philadelphia, PA

Columbia University
116th Street and Broadway
New York City, NY

University of Wisconsin
702 West Johnson Street #1101
Madison, WI

Clemson University
109 Riggs Hall
Clemson, SC