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Salaries and Earnings for Engineers

Thinking about pursuing a career in engineering as a future career option?

There are several aspects to consider before selecting engineering as your career - one of the biggest is the money aspect. The overall salary after deductions thats made by engineers varies highly between engineering disciplines, but is one of the most important factors that should be considered by students looking to enroll in engineering programs

Engineers actually take home a very good salary. Engineers also have the benefit of being able to easily find employment directly upon completion of graduation from college - one of the very few degree programs that offer this benefit.

Software engineers are becoming one of the most highly sought after skilled professionals. This demand also promises a huge salary package for technical skills and workers equipped with the knowledge and intelligence to build applications on various systems.

The heavy demand for these engineers has only led to increase in average salary packages. This is a great career choice since there is a shortage of software engineers even in top reputed companies. You can easily expect to make around $70k dollars in a calendar year at the start of your career.

There is a lot of scope for growth which will lead to further boost in the salary department as well.

The salary of a petroleum engineer brings with it a lot of responsibilities such as determining the location for mining petroleum. Other tasks include strategically identifying safe methods for collection of the petroleum and refining the extracted petroleum into different components high value.

This is a high paying job that can only be undertaken by experts with thorough knowledge of the various techniques to be implemented in petroleum mining. The annual salary that a petroleum engineer can expect is around $150k a year.

Considerable experience is required for getting top payment in this area. The pay at the beginning is somewhere around $60k.

Being the head at a construction site pays off quite well as many civil engineers have come to know. This type of engineering deals with the design and maintenance of buildings which entails a lot of technical work such as initial sketching and in depth drawings of the structure.

The demands of the job are very high since a lot of responsibility is associated with it. The pay is certainly decent as you stand to make up to $65k in a year. You need to be finely tuned with the workings of civil engineering to make it big in this field.

Becoming an agriculture engineer is certainly a unique field which involves formulating different modes of agriculture to improve it. This is not as lucrative as the other engineering jobs but allows you to make a decent earning after you gain the necessary experience. It is also perhaps the most understaffed engineering field - so candidates can still make around 90k a year because they are constantly in demand.

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