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Everything You Need to Know about Becoming an Esthetician

A lot of people today are choosing to get into the field of esthetics or cosmetology for many reasons. For some, it is their desire for learning about proper makeup application and skincare; while for others, it is the large number of career opportunities that would be available to them later on. If becoming an esthetician is something that you have always considered, read on for some information which should help you in making a decision as to whether or not a career in esthetics is for you.

An esthetician is a professional who is knowledgeable and trained in improving and maintaining the health of the skin through the use of products and treatments. He or she may also be trained in several other disciplines of cosmetology such as makeup application, hairstyling or hairdressing, and electrology or permanent hair removal.

Also called cosmetologists, estheticians may be required to get licensed first before they can start working. To get licensed as an esthetician, you would first need to attend an accredited esthetics school where you can take up an esthetics training program or course of your choice. After completing your studies, which should take anywhere from a couple of months to two years to complete, you can then apply for a license from the appropriate organization in the state where you would be working. When applying for a license, you would typically need to fill out an application, take and pass a licensing exam and pay a certain fee, depending on the area or the state where you are in.

Once you have already received your license, you can then start looking up some career and work opportunities which would best suit the type of training program that you took and the kind of profession you want to have. Some of the careers that you can look into as a licensed esthetician include becoming a makeup artist, a skincare specialist, a massage therapist, a nail technician, a shampoo technician or an electrologist.

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