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Horseshoeing Schools Near You

If you have a love of horses and a desire for a steady career that combines outdoor work and considerable local travel, then consider training as a horseshoeing professional – also known as a farrier.

Horseshoeing is much more than an ordinary day job – as a farrier, you could be working directly with veterinarians and horse owners as the principal caretaker of a horse’s legs, feet and hooves. A farrier cares for horses in need of emergency services and works to prevent such emergencies. If this active career sounds appealing to you, search for one of the nation’s horseshoeing schools!

Career Opportunities
A farrier’s work combines components of blacksmithing skills with components of veterinary medicine. A horseshoeing career consists primarily of hoof cleaning, trimming and shoeing and can reach into preventative medicine. A farrier must learn all aspects of horses’ hooves and horseshoes, including shoe types and placement. These responsibilities are often dependent on the type and age of horse, and what each horse will be used for. A farrier must be able to analyze and make decisions based on these factors.

Most people who work in horseshoeing spend their time traveling to and from appointments at various farms, racetracks and stables. The largest stables and horse farms will often employ a permanent farrier as part of their staff.
Salary Range and Growth Projections Horseshoeing work involves live animals – a population that is certainly not dwindling.

Therefore, growth in the industry is expected to remain steady over the next decade. Farriers who complete programs at specific horseshoeing schools or receive additional training usually receive the highest salaries. According to, a median horseshoeing salary is $19,004.

Horseshoeing Schools
Several schools in the nation offer basic horseshoeing programs that may last from a few weeks to a few months. After completing horseshoeing school certification, farriers must complete apprenticeships with experienced professionals.

Additionally, there are national organizations that can provide extra credentials and training after your initial schooling. Training from a horseshoeing school can provide a farrier with the skills needed to achieve success in this rewarding, exciting industry. Search for a horseshoeing school today and get on the right foot toward a new career!

Most Popular Horseshoeing Schools

Heartland Horseshoeing School
327 Southwest 1st Lane
Lamar, MO

Cole Barnett Horseshoeing School
4150 Northeast 160 Avenue
Williston, FL

Red Rock Horseshoeing School
160 Buckboard Circle
Reno, NV

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre
147 Saddle Lane
Waverly, WV

Colorado School of Trades
1575 Hoyt Street
Lakewood, CO

Double H Horseshoeing
7 Oneck Lane
Westhampton Beach, NY