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Hotel Management Schools Near You

The world seems to be getting smaller every day; more and more people are experiencing life beyond their borders by taking advantage of global travel opportunities.

Travel to exotic locations is becoming increasingly popular – as well as less costly – creating a need for friendly faces and capable hands to staff hotels and resorts.
Do you enjoy interacting with new people and going above and beyond to ensure the happiness of others? If so, the hotel and hospitality management field may be a perfect fit for you.

Career Opportunities
Hotel and hospitality management is a great choice if you love helping people and making them feel comfortable while away from home. Many hotels, resorts and cruises do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are enjoying their stays.
In the hotel and hospitality field, there are many opportunities for advancement, particularly for those who are willing to go the extra mile and acquire outside training to learn specialized skills for the industry.

Hotel and hospitality management careers can range from working in a simple, small-town bed and breakfast to a massive cruise ship that transports, entertains and comforts thousands of people year-round.

The hotel and hospitality field offers many exciting careers, including hotel clerks, resort managers and directors, culinary managers, and cruise directors, among many others. The possibilities are endless in this exciting and fast-moving industry.
Find the right hotel management school to get qualified for a fulfilling and rewarding career!

Salary Range
The range of salaries within this industry covers a broad spectrum due to the wide range of career opportunities. Some positions pay an hourly wage, with the lowest being around $6.78 an hour, while others offer annual salaries up to $120,560. Careers in hotel and hospitality management offer some unique perks, as many have special travel benefits!

Hotel and Hospitality Management SchoolsTraining
Postsecondary training in hotel and hospitality management is preferred for most hotel and hospitality management positions. Many schools offer comprehensive training in the field of hotel and hospitality management.

With the right training program, you can develop quick and effective decision-making skills and enhance your human relations skills, while making yourself more marketable to employers. Formal education through hotel management schools usually awards Associate degrees for both hotel and hospitality management specializations.

Significantly advance your career in the hotel and hospitality industry by gaining skills and knowledge through a hotel and hospitality management school!

Most Popular Hotel Management Schools

Kendall College
900 N North Branch Trail
Chicago, IL

Cornell University
130 Statler Drive
Ithaca, NY

Baltimore International College
17 Commerce Street
Baltimore, MD

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