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Medical Assistant Schools

A career as a medical assistant allows you to participate in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. You’ll provide a valuable service to both patients and physicians while building an in-demand career that can take you almost anywhere. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in healthcare-related fields are expected to grow faster than average through the year 2014. In fact, medical assisting is expected to be the fastest-growing career in the healthcare industry.

Career Opportunities
Medical assistants generally perform clinical and administrative duties to keep the offices of health practitioners running smoothly. The duties of medical assistants vary depending on the size of the medical practice. Smaller practices tend to give assistants more varied duties, while larger groups assign more specific duties. Medical assistants also perform many administrative duties including greeting patients, answering telephones, updating and filing patients’ medical records, handling correspondence, completing insurance forms, scheduling appointments, and handling billing and bookkeeping.

Salary Range
Salary for medical assistants vary; several factors influence pay such as experience, skill level, and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual income for medical assistants in 2012 was $29,370, up from $24,610 recorded in 2004. The highest 10 percent earned around $41,570.

Medical Assistant Schools and Training Programs
If a career in medical assisting interests you, contact one of our featured institutions for more information. There are programs available in numerous locations throughout the United States. Most institutions offer flexible scheduling that won’t interfere with your current job. Get your career on track by becoming a certified medical assistant.

Certified medical assistants are in great demand in both government and private hospitals. Many health care centers are also looking for medical assistants that possess certification from a recognized medical establishment. The candidate should necessarily undergo training in medical assisting in any popular vocational institute or a medical school. You will find it heartening to note that medical assisting certification is issued after a proper training imparted by a popular medical school or by any community college. You can undergo medical assistant training online too from a reputed medical school that specializes in offering training sessions online.

After undergoing proper training in medical assisting you are required to take medical assistant certification exam too. You will do well to get valid information about the medical assistant certification exam from a reliable medical assisting information site online. It is important to know that medical assistant training involves both clinical training and administrative training. This is because of the fact that medical assistants assist not only the doctors in the hospital but they also help the administrative personnel in the maintenance of medical records of the patients and other important other clerical work. In fact a good medical assistant is thorough in his assessment when it comes to medical insurance of the patients.

Each and every patient that gets admitted to the hospital seeks medical insurance too and hence it is the duty of the medical assistant to go through the papers related to medical insurance and interact with the concerned medical insurance companies to help the patients in this regard. Therefore medical assistant training course pays attention to the imparting of medical insurance education as well. Thus medical assistant certification is a highly crucial requisite when it comes to the appointment of medical assistants in a private hospital or any health care center.

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