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Medical Assistant Job Duties

If you are intent on joining as a medical assistant in a well-known hospital or any health care center then you should be aware of the functions of a medical assistant prior to taking up the job. Of course you would have learned about the functions of a medical assistant during your medical assistant training course undergone in a community college or a medical school online. At the same time a thorough understanding of the responsibilities and the duties of a medical assistant will help you a long way in building a good relationship with the hospital where you work as a medical assistant.

After getting the medical assistant diploma with the required training it is your duty to interact well with the doctors of the hospital where you work and also with the administrative personnel attached to the hospital in their clerical work. In other words you would assist the administration of the hospital in the management of medical records and medical insurance records of the patients. As a matter of fact the administration of the hospital would turn to you to get valid information about some of the important documents when it comes to patient admission and medical insurance.

At the same time as a medical assistant you should interact with the chief doctor you are working under in helping him or her regarding information about the patient that includes medical reports, family medical history, laboratory test reports, clinical test reports and the like. You would act as a bridge between the doctor and the hospital administration. You should also interact equally with the patient in order to strike a good rapport with him or her. Thus a thorough knowledge of the functions of a medical assistant will go a long way in building your confidence as a skillful medical assistant and in building your glittering career as well.

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