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Medical Transcription Schools Near You

Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist?

Healthcare careers give people the opportunity to help others in a truly meaningful way. Working in healthcare can also mean increased earning potential, job security and expanding career opportunities. Why? Healthcare is one of today’s fastest growing fields.

Medical transcriptionists perform an integral step in ensuring quality patient care. Essentially, they listen to dictated recordings made by health care professionals and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material. In turn, these documents become a part of a patient’s permanent files.

In fact, experienced medical transcriptionists can even identify mistakes in medical records and make corrections to the information. This important process means that medical transcriptionists can improve patient care and can even prevent harmful or ineffective treatment.

Most medical transcriptionists telecommute from home-based offices. Others work in environments such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, transcription service offices, clinics, laboratories, government medical facilities or other healthcare environments.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a medical transcriptionist, start with pursuing higher education. Employers prefer hiring medical transcriptionists who have received postsecondary training.

Many vocational schools, community colleges and distance-learning programs offer excellent medical transcription programs. And, many programs offer on-the-job experience, so you can begin your new career with confidence in your skills and abilities.

If you want to provide this important service, you’ll need a solid education. Contact a school in your area and start working toward your professional goals as a medical transcriptionist.

Most Popular Medical Transcription Schools


Blackstone Career Institute
1011 Brookside Road #300
Allentown, PA 18106

Sumner College
8909 Southwest Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97219

Career Networks Institute
702 West Town and Country Road
Orange, CA 92868