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Travel Schools and Tourism Schools

Consider becoming a part of the travel and tourism industry! Work in this industry is ever-changing and can be exciting and exotic. No matter where you are, however, the travel and tourism industry is all about people. If you love helping people make memories while creating them for yourself, then search for travel and tourism colleges or career schools.

Career Opportunities
The travel and tourism field is comprised of many different parts, all serving to make the industry as travel-friendly as possible. Think about all the different people who helped you the last time you took a trip: the travel agent who helped you plan your vacation, the airline ticket agent at the airport, the rental car agent or taxi driver at your destination, the hotel management and staff, and perhaps a knowledgeable tour guide.

These travel agencies, hotels, transportation and restaurants are just a few areas that use the services of travel and tourism specialists. Additionally, the industry can offer positions on a cruise ship, in a spa or resort, as a casino worker or a flight attendant, and many more.

Salary Range
The U.S. Department of Labor cites that salaries in the travel and tourism industry can range from $22,000 to $40,000, with average earnings for all nonsupervisory workers at $10.58 an hour. Many positions in the travel and tourism industry work on commission and receive regular bonuses, which add to earning potential. Although travel and tourism wages tend to be modest, the industry is full of perks that add to fiscal salaries.

Hotels, airlines and resorts often offer discount packages or reduced rates to travel and tourism employees, so hotel and spa workers can enjoy free or reduced rates for hotel stays, airline workers can receive free or discounted tickets, and travel agents can receive free trips. Even better, the different parts of the industry often partner their benefits. For example, an airline worker may have a chance at a free hotel stay. The travel and tourism industry is expected to grow faster than average, due to an increase in travelers’ discretionary incomes.

Travel Schools and Tourism Schools and Training Programs
Although entry-level positions in the travel and tourism industry require little or no education, training in travel and tourism can lead to better opportunities and more chances for career advancement. Get out from behind your desk and into a career anywhere in the world - search for a travel and tourism program today.