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Truck Driving Schools Near You

The lure of the open road has been seducing drivers for decades. And although technological advances have made it possible to transmit information around the world in an instant, the world still abides by human limitations when it comes to getting our physical things from point A to point B. We still rely on trucks and the people who drive them to transport our materials around the world.

Although drivers can be on the road for weeks at a time, they often drive trucks reminiscent of home. These trucks can be equipped with beds, refrigerators, satellite TVs, Internet access and much more! If you long for the freedom of the open road, then search for a career in transportation and trucking!

Career Opportunities
There are primarily two types of truck driving careers. Light or delivery service truck drivers work within a standard, specific area close to home. They should be in good shape physically because their duties regularly include loading and unloading their trucks.

Heavy truck or tractor-trailer drivers, on the other hand, often spend long periods of time on the road, driving their vehicles between destinations. Federal guidelines state that long-distance truck drivers follow multiple protocols during their journeys, including taking regular safety breaks and filing detailed trip reports.

Salary Range
Earnings for truck drivers are dependent on whether a driver operates a heavy or light truck and the distance traveled. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that median salaries for heavy truck drivers range from $30,931 to $46,214, while light or delivery truck drivers earn around $22,656 to $30,720. Also, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, job opportunities with long-distance carriers will most likely grow faster than with local carriers.

Truck Driving Schools and Training
If you think a career in trucking and transportation is right for you, then search among the nation’s qualified truck driving schools and CDL training schools! These schools have programs designed to prepare you to operate and control different kinds of trucks, teach you government regulations for heavy machinery, and qualify you for a commercial driver’s license. Most respected trucking schools run four- to six-week courses that can get you the skills and training needed to safely operate heavy trucks professionally.

Don’t wait to get out on that open road – search for training in transportation and trucking today!

Most Popular Truck Driving Schools

Mega Driving School
3320 N River Rd
Franklin Park, Il

SAGE Truck Driving School
10401 East 102nd Avenue
Henderson, CO

Coastal Truck Driving School
4016 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA

Dalys' Truck Driving School
2314 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Buford, GA

National Truck Drivers School
5660 County Road 209 South
Green Cove Spgs, FL

U S Truck Driver Training School
4195 Central Avenue
Detroit, MI

America's Driving Force
4180 Moreland Avenue
Conley, GA

Southwest Truck Driver Training
580 West Cheyenne Avenue #40
North Las Vegas, NV 89030