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Effective Web Design Tips - Static Vs Dynamic Sites

If you are willing to have a website for your business, then there are different methods used to create a website you should be aware of. There is a static methodology and dynamic methodology for creating a website. So before deciding on creating website, you have to choose one of the methods which are suitable for your business to run properly. There are many website design companies available in today’s market where you can have your website designed perfectly.

Generally static website will be created using PHP or HTML. Here the design has to be created on each page of the website. So the website designer should have a very good knowledge of the technology. He should be very careful while designing the each page of the website.

The layouts should be same for all the pages, the font style and size, etc… Main thing you should keep in mind while opting for static website is the continuous upgrades are not possible here. When you design for one feature, it cannot be upgraded and has to be redesigned from scratch. Also if there are any navigation changes to be applied, then you have to change that in each page of the website which will take more time. And obviously it will cost more also.

These are the drawbacks of the static website design and you should be very much careful while selecting this as the technique for developing your website. If your website will not have any changes in future and you are clear about the design then you can go and select this technology for designing the website.

Dynamic websites are designed by the help of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc… which have blogging platform and CMS. It is very easy to develop the website by using these tools.

There is no need of effective resources that are very good in designing. They are very user friendly and will assist a lot in designing the website with minimum knowledge of coding. So it is very easy to find resources with the ability to do the designing using these tools. That’s why tools like WordPress are very famous in the market for the designing of website.

In these tools you can design the site which is even in font size and format. These tools have a good platform which will assist in creating website which can be rendered properly in all the browsers without any issues. If there is nay update need to be made, then if you do in one of the page, it will be applicable in all the pages. This will reduce the time and cost of the website designing.

So when you are planning to design a website for your business, you should have a good understanding of your business requirement. You can choose the best technology and resources to design the website which will suit you business needs. Compare your needs to the advantages and disadvantaged mentioned in the above for static and dynamic designing have a good profitable business.

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