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Web Design for Mobile Web

Web design is a concept that has appeared with the inception of the vast World Wide Web. This avenue has made and still makes use of web design to incorporate sites that are relevant for all sorts of information. When WAP was released on the market in 1998, this device has become a useful tool for mobiles to access internet while being on the move.

Its launching was meant to come with a speedy internet access similar to the one operated with your home computer. But unfortunately this wasn't that possible since WAP in its nature was a device moving slower not to mention its expensive price tag.

Thus professionals into web design found it hard to use in creating websites through its WML route. For being able to create and develop websites, designers were supposed to use a second language that needed to be added to the original configuration. As a result, the websites created though this means lacked a lot of features not to mention that they were somehow updated.

Once mobile devices started to develop, their manufacturers understood the importance of website creation while being on the move and as such they introduced the HTML route for making web design possible.

The situation these days is completely different from the one in the past. Many people are able to access and view various websites via their mobile phones. More than this, if you run a business and have a website developed for it, it would be also very effective for you to make this site accessible to the mobile device users.

As a web design professional you must have the following aspects in mine when you design for the mobile web:

* Make sure to obtain a fluid design since the screen size will vary with every device.
* Make sure to have text incorporated with the web design because many users will disable images to have easier access and save more time with the page loading.
* Do not use JavaScript navigation.
* Do some research and find out which devices are more utilized on the road.
* The version for mobile web of your website must be kept in a simpler web design.

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