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Some Amazing Tips for Successful and Effective Web Design

While designing a website you have to design in such a way that it is can be used by all the people in all the browsers. So here are few tips for successful and effective web design.

Loading time- the loading time of a website should not be more than 15 seconds, no matter how fantastic the website design is people will only see it if it loads fast. People do no have patience to wait for the web page to load so the first tip will be to design a website which is going to load fast enough for the people to see it and like it.

Site navigation- it is the job of a website designer to navigate visitors through the site properly. All the important links to pages have to placed at the top of the website where the people look first to find information about that particular website. Menus are always placed either on the left or on the right or on both sides. Make sure you link as many important pages as you can which are related to the site.

Resolution of the website- in the modern industry people use computers of various resolutions starting from 640 by 480, 1024 by 768 and even opt for higher resolution. As a web designer it is best to design a website which is suitable for all resolutions. So design your website in terms of percentages instead of pixels.

Compatibility (browser) - a website design should always be made keeping in mind the browser’s compatibility. It should be designed in a way that the website looks the same in all the websites, like IE, Netscape, etc.

The HTML coding done for these websites pose a challenging job for both developer and the designer. Sometimes coding can pose a bit of problem which can be solved with patience and tweaking.

Fonts- using professional fonts for your website is the best way to achieve a professional look instead of an amateur one. Using fonts like joker man or any other fancy font available over the internet will make your website look very shabby. If the user’s computer does not have that particular font then the entire website font will be shown in the default font of the user’s computer which is even worse. So using Arial, times new roman will cut all the above problems.

KISS policy- always keep the website design simple with few pictures and few colors. Using white color makes the website looks more neat and spacious. Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) policy works good for web designing like it works for every other aspect in life!

Broken links- a site should always be checked for broken links before uploading it. Dreamweaver gives options to check the site for broken links. If you are not using this application then you can check resources over the internet which is used for this particular function.

Grammar-Your website should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Some users will not pay a lot of attention to these details but a potential number of users take notice of these details and are very particular about the quality of the content written in it. So it’s best to do proofreading for the content on your website.

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