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How to Have a Perfect Website While Using Web Design Technique

Owning a website you must have found out by now that other things as well have made it popular among the internet surfers, others than a good web design. While the last one plays a great role in the way your website is seen, it can not help visitors locate the site faster when making use of Google search engine bar. Google is by far the most popular search engine along with Yahoo! and Bing.

So, in order for your targeted customers to be able to locate your website among the millions existing out there you should have this one created as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly position. While this can be done through a lot of marketing research finding out the tools to help your site be SEO friendly, you must take into account as well the importance of a super web design that helps your site be functional.

Apart from this feature, your website should be also appealing as in this way it can achieve the purpose of creating it in the first place: to attract visitors and build a lot of traffic on it. Read the following tips to help you create a web design in accordance to the SEO requirements:

* Do not make use of too much Flash because search engine is more focused on reading text content with relevant keywords. You can however implement Flash parts in order to bring more life to a dull site, but make sure that you leave a lot of space for the text content. A better suggestion: use HTML instead.

* Making use of a website map will help search engine crawlers identify much easier your website pages.

* Your web design should consider building an in-site search engine that will allow visitors locate things within your website.

* It is useless to have your website designed with frames since crawlers have really hard times in locating such a website.

* Make use through your web design technique of a black font that contrasts the best on a lighter colored surface.

* Do not forget to introduce images within the web pages but do not overdo it. You should know that search engine crawlers see these images as blank spaces.

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