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Alaska Colleges and Schools

In Alaska, an education comes from more places than the classroom. If you choose to go to college in Alaska, you can learn just as much about the culture, wildlife and ecology as you can from your textbooks. So if you're looking for an education that's out of the ordinary, spend some time in Alaska! Otherwise known as the Last Frontier, Alaska is like nowhere else in the United States. The colleges in this magnificent state draw local and out-of-town students alike. Want to become one of them? Get more information on Alaska Colleges.

While Alaska does not have as many college choices as some other states on the mainland, it certainly does have a large ratio of schools per capita. The largest school in the state is The University of Alaska. This University's extensive system has campuses in the cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. Each of those three university campuses has affiliated colleges, centers and campuses, providing students with a wealth of choices.

Other smaller school choices include institutions like Charter College, Alaska Vocational Institute, New Concepts Beauty School, Inc., Sheldon Jackson College, and almost 30 more community college and career college options.

If you're not an Alaska resident, but choose the state as your college destination, you're not limited to studying environmental or native studies. While these are popular majors, you can do just about anything in Alaska. In this majestic state, your educational options know no bounds.

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