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Colorado Colleges and Schools

Let's talk Colorado. The Rocky Mountains rise above the plains and tower over the landscape. For some they represent recreation; for others they are an obstacle to be overcome. To those who live in Colorado, these mountains are home. Whether you see yourself living on the plains or in the Mile High City of Denver, you can build your future with a good education. The right college can give you the skills you need to start in Colorado.

In Colorado, there are 27 public institutions of higher education. There are 27 colleges and universities (4-year and 2-year), with a total enrollment of 212,064. The University of Colorado system includes campuses in Boulder (main campus), Colorado Springs and Denver. The Colorado State University system has campuses in Fort Collins (main campus) and Pueblo.

The Colorado Community College system includes campuses in Aurora, Denver, Lamar and Pikes Peak. In addition, there are non-public degree granting institutions and private occupational schools operating in the state.

So, whether you want to earn your 4-year degree at a university or a certificate at a career college, there's something to talk about in Colorado.

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