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No matter what brought you to Illinois in the first place, you can find an excellent career-building education while you're here. One of the most educationally diverse Midwestern states, Illinois has college and university options for all types of students. If you feel at home in one of Illinois' smaller rural towns but can't find a career or community college to fit your needs, take an online course from one of Illinois' large state schools.

Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. For much of its 150-year history, this private institution has been ranking among the best in college and university reports. Famous alumni include director Garry Marshall, Joie Chen of CBS Evening News, Richard Threlkeld, also with CBS, and Chicago Tribune editor Jack Fuller.

The University of Illinois' Urbana-Champaign campus is the critically-acclaimed home of a College of Medicine, College of Law, an Institute of Aviation and several other schools. There are about 40,000 full-time students on this large east Illinois campus, including many international students. Want to join the Fighting Illini? The University of Illinois also has campus locations in Chicago and Springfield.

The bustling, historical city of Chicago is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. Students and residents enjoy Chicago's arts, culture, international dining and recreational activities. Chicago is also known as one of the country's best cities for studying law. A variety of universities and colleges in the area offer exemplary programs.

Most all of Illinois' cities offer a wide variety of schools and concentrations to choose from. Are you in Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, or a smaller Illinois town? Search for colleges and universities in your area today.

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