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New Hampshire Colleges and Schools

Known for its foliage and scenic, quaint towns – New Hampshire has an education system to match its diverse seasons. Learn your new job skills from one of the 9 public or 16 private colleges and universities in the state. Earn your degree from Dartmouth College or the University of New Hampshire. There are also a variety of career colleges and vocational schools to earn a certificate of diploma.

Cuddle up in front of a fire on a cold winter day, or explore one of the various beaches located in the state throughout the warm summer. Either way, New Hampshire has something for everyone. During the winter months, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the White Mountains. Or when spring comes, dive into nature with hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing. Any which way you look, there is always something to do in New Hampshire.

You can also find some history here. Read up on the founding fathers and learn that New Hampshire was one of the first states to ratify the constitution and the first to break away from Britain in January 1776.

More interested in the present but want to help make history? Then New Hampshire is definitely for you! Every 4 years, the first presidential primary is held in New Hampshire. The state doesn't carry the motto of "Live free or die" for nothing. Participate in campaigns while you complete your higher education and contribute to the electoral process.

New Hampshire Colleges

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