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Washington Colleges and Schools

If the Cascade Mountains, Lewis & Clark trail, breweries, wineries, a thriving arts scene, major ski areas, and nation-famous coffee aren't enough to bring you to Washington, then the educational options should be! Choose from traditional Washington colleges and universities, career colleges and technical schools. Find the school that's right for you – search for Washington colleges today!

Whether you'd like to live in a large city such as Seattle or a small town like Olympia or Astrale, Washington is an excellent place to obtain your college education! Home to the University of Washington (or you-dub, as the locals call it), Seattle features one of the largest concentrated student bodies in the nation. Home to great music and excellent local seafood - this is the perfect place for students.

Home to beautiful mountains, cloudy skies, and gorgeous sunsets, this state is where many people from all over the country call home after they move here to attend college. A college degree could not be more important in this state, since much of the economy is supported by white-collar jobs, many employers today require college degrees to even get consideration for jobs in Washington!

Come on up to Washington to attend college - we promise you'll be glad you did!

Washington Colleges

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