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Wisconsin proudly boasts the title of America's Dairyland. For countless years, this state has been synonymous with cheese production. Wisconsinites will extol the virtues of the ever-popular cheese curds (known commonly as squeaky cheese), and tell you that it will do the polka across your palate. From this ringing endorsement to the wheel of cheese on Wisconsin's 50 States commemorative quarter to the famed cheesehead hat donned at Green Bay Packers games, the state's citizens proudly embrace Wisconsin's agricultural stamp.

The Badger State also holds true to a proud tradition of educational excellence. Following the U.S. Civil War, Wisconsin was a Midwestern forerunner in the emergence of the state university movement. The Wisconsin Idea emerged in 1904 as an educational philosophy set forth by then University of Wisconsin President Charles Van Hise. This idea embraced the importance of higher education and aimed to have UW education reach all families within the state. The University of Wisconsin system of 26 campuses still embraces this philosophy.

In the continuing effort by all state educators to bring education to all citizens, many notable schools reside within Wisconsin state lines. In addition to the UW system, Wisconsin Technical College System boasts 16 campuses. Or if you prefer a private liberal-arts education, you can check out Marquette University, a Jesuit school. Wisconsin is also home to Ripon College – Harrison Ford's alma mater.

The state also offers a number of community college and Associate degree options, as well as several vocation-specific schools, such as Madison Media Institute. And with additional online educational opportunities, the options are seemingly endless when you want to receive a top-quality education in Wisconsin!

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