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Wyoming Colleges and Schools

Wyoming is a veritable wonderland for lovers of the outdoors. This state is where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. The variety in landscapes and terrain, as well as holding the title of least populous state, make Wyoming one of the nation's last preserves of pure and natural beauty.

One of Wyoming's most popular attractions is Yellowstone National Park, which lies mostly in the northwest corner of the state. Of Yellowstone's many attractions, the most well known is Old Faithful Geyser. Old Faithful got its name from famously erupting every 90 minutes or so, making it the most predictable geyser in the Park.

To provide you with a more predictable future, Wyoming offers several postsecondary schooling options. The state's only 4-year school is the University of Wyoming, which offers programs in Business, Engineering and Natural Sciences – some of the state's largest employment industries. In addition to University of Wyoming, there are several 2-year community colleges as well as the popular Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech).

In addition to these campuses provided throughout the state, Wyoming students have access to online education systems nationwide. Online programs can allow you to take in the beauty of the beauty of the state while learning conveniently from home.

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