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Bachelors Degrees Information

What is a Bachelor’s degree?
A Bachelor’s degree is a four-year college degree awarded by a college or university. Earning a Bachelor's degree can prepare you for a career in a specific industry or to continue your education with a higher degree. The first two years in a Bachelor’s degree program are usually spent on general education. After two years, each Bachelor’s degree candidate must declare a major – or concentration of study – and focus more specifically on courses related to that concentration.

Once you declare a major, your choice of concentration will determine whether you are on the path toward earning a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. A Bachelor of Arts degree refers to a concentration in humanities, English, literature, history or other field of fine arts. A Bachelor of Science degree would follow a concentration of math, anatomy, business or computer science, for example.

Why should I earn a Bachelor’s degree?
Many people choose to earn a Bachelor's degree because it is a guaranteed way to earn more money in a career. According to latest U.S. Census, those who have a Bachelor’s degree earn an average of $23,000 more each year than those with just a high school diploma. According to the Census Bureau, high school graduates earn an average of $1.2 million over a lifetime; Associate degree holders earn about $1.6 million; and those with a Bachelor’s degree earn about $2.1 million (roughly double that of a high school graduate).

How can I earn a Bachelor’s degree?
Most Bachelor's degree programs require the completion of 120 semester units. For a student attending class full-time, it will take approximately four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree. All students enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program must select a major by the end of their second year. You can complete dual degrees by declaring a double major. While this is very impressive on a resume, it will considerably increase your efforts and may take longer to complete.

If you have already earned an Associate degree, you can earn a Bachelor’s degree in approximately two years, taking only upper-division courses in your concentration of study. Make sure when tabulating transfer credits that your Associate degree courses have sufficient transfer value to your chosen college or university – as many students are often faced with having to retake courses when their credits don’t transfer.

What can I do with a Bachelor’s degree?
A Bachelor's degree can significantly improve your quality of life, as it can open doors to more career choices and a higher income. Increasingly, many career opportunities are only available to Bachelor’s degree holders.