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Community Colleges Information

Community colleges prepare students for the job market by offering entry-level career training, as well as courses for working professionals who want to advance their skills. Community colleges offer several advantages over other types of schools, depending on your individual needs. Is a community college the ideal match for your criteria? Take these factors into consideration and find a community college that’s right for you:

Community college courses are much more affordable than many four-year colleges and universities. You can save money on housing, as well as tuition. In fact you can save up to $100 per credit. Financial aid is also a possibility for those who qualify. If you are trying to advance your education but need an affordable option, consider a community college.

Transferable Credits.
If you plan to get an Associate degree at a community college and then continue on to a four-year school, make sure courses at your community college will transfer. Most universities accept many, if not all, of the credits from two-year schools. Many students choose to get their core classes out of the way and then transfer. Community colleges can be a great alternative to starting out at a four-year school.

Flexibility and Diversity.
Community colleges tend to offer diversity with regard to age, experience, family background, employment status and more. Course schedules are designed to fulfill the needs of both part-time and full-time students, meaning classes are usually offered during the day, evening, sometimes on the weekends, as well as online.

Time to Mature and Explore.
Not all high school graduates are ready to go off on their own in pursuit of a college degree. Being away from home brings new challenges and stresses. If you don’t feel ready for those pressures or aren’t sure what kind of program you want to pursue, a community college can offer you many of the same courses you’d find at a university without the stresses that come with actually ‘going off to college.’ Most community colleges offer guidance counseling that can help you evaluate your skills, talents, interests, and educational options. Many community colleges offer a wider selection of courses than at a four-year college because they normally include liberal arts and career-oriented programs. Community colleges can allow you to explore different career tracks before committing to one area.